Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Regulations vs Zoning

Originally Houston was the only major American city with no formal zoning code. The land use regulation have become nearly as problematic as the anti-pedestrian suburb and sprawl in other American cities. Houston Texas lacks a government and has no recognition of authority or controlling systems. This absence has led to the innovation of new methods in Houston. Uptown Houston, would be considered the ‘downtown’ of any other city as it is the main business district which economically supports a city and encourages growth. However, due to the lack of transit services Uptown Houston lacks the position of being considered the downtown area. The lack of transit creates political disorder due to the non recognition and little planning control that occurs in the area. Houston is less dense than most American big cities and more people that are based in Houston drive more than the majority US. The sprawling area in Uptown shows clearly that consumer choice is favoured over government organisation. Another example is Midtown Houston, the Bagby Park Project wouldn’t be able to occur in Austin Texas due to the planning enforcement. Houston’s freelance planning allowed the space to be innovated and created quickly. Houston achieves planning through land use regulations rather than other cities through zoning. 

Chiara De Pellegrin


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