Monday, 20 January 2014

Anticipating the unknown - a student's perspective

Highlighting a series of expectations for this international study tour is difficult. Especially considering that I will be exposed to foreign cultural, political and environmental elements that help shape Sri Lanka. I have rarely experienced the conditions in a developing nation firsthand and this presents a challenge --  how can I identify the solutions or appropriate responses to planning practice matters in Sri Lanka, if I lack an understanding of how these elements function in a developing nation in the first place?

An open mind should help uncover the appropriate stance and response to the planning practice issues at stake, whilst broadening my horizon in the process. Setting aside any preconceived judgements and opinions that are the cultural roots of my cognitive development in Australia may provide a greater chance to facilitate this learning process.

Finally, I find it much easier to state what I am looking forward to - the food, the culture, the scenery, the practical planning experience and it wouldn’t hurt to get amongst the nightlife and leisure activities. Overall, I am anticipating an adventure and an exciting opportunity to try new things, especially those that place me outside my comfort zone.

Isaac Sharp
Third Year - Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning

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