Monday, 20 January 2014

Welcome to the International Planning Studio Blog

The purpose of this blog is to document, reflect and share students’ experiences and observations of international study tours as part of the subject International Planning Studio.

The Community Planning and Development Program runs regular international study tours, with over 150 students having taken part in trips to North America, Asia and Europe since the subject's inception.  The studio uses international field studies to develop an understanding of global planning issues, urban and community development and cross-cultural planning practice, within developed and developing world cities.

As part of the studio, students complete fieldwork and project activities involving collaborative study and practice with an international planning agency or university.

This blog will provide an insight into each international planning studio as it unfolds and will explore issues such as international planning and development, cross-cultural planning practice, specific site visits, lifestyle, travel, and urban life.

Next up - details on Sri Lanka Study Tour 2014.

Students experiencing local transport during 2012 Sri Lanka Study Tour

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