Thursday, 30 January 2014

Project briefing at University of Moratuwa

Students began their first day at the University of Moratuwa with a welcome from Faculty staff, a briefing on the studio site from Sri Lankan students and staff and a lecture on environmental sensitivity and   development assessment techniques by Department of Town and Country Planning member Chethika Abenayake.

University of Moratuwa Campus

Site briefing from Uni of Moratuwa students 

Lecture by Chethika Abenayake on site assessment techniques
After lunch and the last minute sorting out of SIM cards, money and other necessities, we departed for the project site of a Weligama (approx a 4 hour bus trip) via the new Southern Expressway. With a full day of site assessments ahead, an early night was called for! We will visit the key sites around Weligama and assign project teams for studio work - more to follow on these exciting projects soon!
La Trobe and Moratuwa students on the way to Weligama

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