Monday 3 February 2014

Fieldwork in Weligama

Our project is to develop a tourism plan to better the Weligama area for an increasing number of tourists. Its expected increase is to be between 30,000 to 40,000 which has been calculated from previous developments of exits ramps from expressways.

We have been divided into five groups, two focusing on two different areas of the beach, the town centre and the train station. All groups have one or two Sri Lankan students to make communication a little easier. And one other group of Community Development students are looking at the Turkish village, a tsunami recovery project.

Chathura De Silva (UoM) providing site overview 

Our project focuses on the train station which is a node from the town centre and bus station. It is a two minute walk however access by foot and by car is crowded and somewhat dangerous. There is a lack of suitable footpaths and the roads are in need of an upgrade. The junctions surrounding the train stations are busy and dangerous. The traffic is increased when the boom gates are down.
Ideas so far have been to create footpaths, widen roads and re navigation of the junction. Drainage and parking are also issues that we are considering within our project.

Train station precinct group getting acquainted with site

Jacinta Morrissey and Verity Bright
Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning - Third Year


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