Monday 3 February 2014

Fieldwork continued - Weligama beach

This project aims to provide a urban design plan and restrictions for a particular focus area in the small town of Weligama. Our focus area for this project is the east end of  Weligama beach. This area is of particular importance as an international hotel is midway through a high rise development project on the beach front. This type of development is extremely out of place, and overshadows the serene and natural environment which surrounds it. It resides next to a popular strip of the beach which has multiple businesses for surfboard hire and lessons. 
Weligama beach site (East)

Next to the surfing area lies one of multiple local fish markets and fish netting repair stations. The various uses of the study area makes the planning for future use quite difficult, and the needs of locals and also visitors to the area needs to be taken into consideration. 

Local fishing industry
Our aim at the end of this project is to provide guidelines for future development which help to develop this area of the beach, and to encourage travel to the area to boost local economies, without encroaching substantially on and or relocating the markets. 

Roey Johnstone, Second Year
Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning 

Roey undertaking fieldwork at Weligama beach


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