Wednesday 5 February 2014

Hambantota - mega projects

La Trobe Uni lecturer Andtew Butt discussing the development of Hambantota
No urban planning trip to Sri Lanka is complete without visiting Hambantota, southern Sri Lanka. Large scale development  projects are currently underway to turn the region into a major urban centre through the construction of an international airport, convention centre, port, administrative centre and      cricket stadium.

Port of Hambantota visit 
Students were provided with an in-depth overview of the vision for the area and visited some of the key sites such as the Port of Hambantota, which is flagged to be a major economic driver for the region complete with a 48 hectare man-made "entertainment island".

Much lively discussion around mega projects ensued after which students departed their separate ways to explore Sri Lanka over some free time before the final phase of the study tour commences on Wednesday -- studio work on Weligama sites!


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