Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Studio work and presentation time

After a few days off to refresh and explore Sri Lanka, students regrouped at the University of Moratuwa to continue their design studio work on Weligama sites. A Young Planners session was also held with UoM undergraduate students, which included a getting to know each other icebreaker activity and devising collaborative solutions to contemporary planning scenarios.
Icebreaker activity at Young Planners Session

The following days were spent on the design studio component of Weligama and preparing the presentations for the final day.

Design studio work
Presentation day arrived quickly, with 5 project groups outlining their case studies and design responses for various sites including:
- Weligama Railway Precinct
- Weligama Town Centre
- Weligama beach (east and west)
- Midigma Turkish Village (Tsunami relocation project)
Presentation on Weligama Town Centre Design responses

Feedback on presentations from University of Moratuwa staff

Question time and feedback followed, with students' efforts recognised and the importance of understanding cross-cultural planning issues reflected upon.
With the presentations wrapped up, the group celebrated with a Sri Lankan barbeque and made their way to the airport to continue with further travel or return to Australia, while a number of students continued to explore Sri Lanka.



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