Thursday 6 February 2014

Midigama Turkish Village relocation project

Yesterday's site visit was an incredible experience where all students learnt a vast amount of information regarding the relocation of individuals who were affected by the 2004 tsunami. During our site visit we were able to have informal conversations with the local and visiting population, our sample included shop owners, government officials, elderly men & women, children and even one family invited us into their home and made us feel very welcome with a morning tea feast.
Students hearing from residents about life in the Tsunami relocation village 

A consensus was made amongst the students that the individuals relocated into this area were very happy and that the relocation project was successful. However, one lesson learnt was that if another disaster were to happen in the future the developers and designers need to consider the role and importance of food in particular cultures. A common suggestion we heard from the people was that the kitchens were far too small, therefore many of the families built on an extension where they were then able to have an outside kitchen.
Kitchen extension to Tsunami housing 
It was a fantastic experience in which we learnt some vital information that will help us in the future whichever career path we chose to take.

Midigama Turkish Village

Erin Smith
Bachelor of Community Development


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  7. At first glance, the Turkish Village appears promising—a cluster of 450 houses nestled in a picturesque coastal setting. Yet, life here has become an ordeal for its residents. The culprit? A pervasive stench emanating from the non-functioning waste treatment plant. This once-haven for tsunami survivors has turned into a nightmare due to sanitation woes.
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